BRMS and its affiliated unions specifically here all the railwaymen has to remember that the Dedicated/Karmat  Karyakartas of BRMS and its Unions all over Indian Railways delivered and provided selfless service in last 50 years without any kind of  support of Railway Administration as well as political support. Since BRMS is only the non-political trade union and All India industrial unit of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) .

BRMS has completed 50 years in the service of railwaymen and still continuing with young blood and force of dedicated and nationalistic ideology .

The time has come to strengthen and lead to save the Indian Railways  as such the motto and goal of the union is to save the nation by serving and wducating the railwaymen that the “HUM KARENGE POORAKAM -KAAM KA LENGE POORA DAAM” Once railway men are dedicated to work sincerely and lead railways towards profits and why can not BMS/BRMS slogan come true . Administration has to pay as per the demands and  to reach the needs of the railwaymen not only for their betterment but also for the betterment of their  families. Let us take the Railways progressive side so as to railway families will be progressed fast.

BRMS has already shown and extended by forcing the government to remove the ceiling of bonus and increased.

ALL The Railway men are requested to kindly extend their helping hand to strength organisation BRMS financially …   and send their donations to BRMS following bank account pl:
Name of the Bank: Allahabad BankBranch Name : URBAN STATE PHASE-II-PATIYALAIFS​C​ CODE : ALLA0212692     ACCOUNT NO 50308473807Contact Person : Shri Aravind Singh  , vice=President BRMS   mobile No : 08427683855

Vande Bharata Mataram