GENC-Government Employees National Confederation Demand week 05-12-2016 to 09-12-2016

The central Government Employees would conduct sit-in demonstration etc programmes in their respective establishments from 05 December 2016 to 09 December 2016 and submit memorandum to Head of Establishments address to Hon’ble Prime Minister


  1. Minimum Pay should be fixed at Rs.24000/- and fitment formula should be 3.42 in place of 2.57
  2. In financial up-gradation (MACP), their should be granted 5 promotional pay scales in the service of 30 years.
  3. Annual increment should be @ 5% in place of 3%
  4. The Benchmark ‘very good ‘ should be abolished for the purpose of promotion, financial up-gradation and annual increment.
  5. The pay scales of Group ‘C’ Rs.1900/- and Rs.200/- should be merged and upgraded to Rs.2400/-
  6. HRA should be paid @ 35%, 25% and 15%
  7. New Pension Scheme should be scraped.
  8. FDI should be scraped in Defence and Railways
  9. Bonus should be calculated on Rs.18,000/- in place of Rs.7,000/- because minimum pay has been enhanced from Rs.7,000/- to Rs.18000/-.
  10. The Limit of non taxable income (tax free income) should be extended to Rs.8,00,000/-.
  11. The wards of employees died in harness should be guaranteed with 100% compassionate ground appointments.


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